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Success with hypnosisAs a hypnotherapist, I’m frequently amazed by the amount of people I see who have suffered with a condition or negative behaviour for years, telling me that I am their ‘last resort’ and they have ‘tried everything else’.

It seems many people will exhaust all other avenues of help before they even consider hypnosis as an option. Yet, afterwards they will usually say something like “…I wish I’d come to see you years ago!”.

The effects of hypnosis can happen relatively quickly and often people are surprised at how different they feel after just a couple of visits – a good example is a smoker who can quit and become a happy non-smoker after just one session! Additionally the effects of hypnotherapy can cross over into other aspects of life; for instance some people may find their confidence improves or that they have the ability to sleep better at night …or they might just feel happier and more positive in general.

So why is hypnosis only a consideration when someone becomes ‘desperate’ and has ‘exhausted every other alternative’? This is a question I often ask myself and I can only imagine it’s a fear of the unknown, fuelled perhaps by the stigma unfortunately attached to hypnosis due to stage shows and negative press.

The truth is, hypnosis is just a natural state of relaxation, which we go in and out of regularly on a daily basis; whether it’s when we drive somewhere and can’t recall the journey, when we are so engrossed on our mobile devices that we are oblivious to what’s going on around us, or when we are absorbed in a tv programme or a good book.

Hypnotherapy is simple and straight forward and has the ability to bring about rapid change – which also makes it excellent value for money compared to the small fortune which could be spent over years of trying different medicines and alternative methods of help.

So if you, or someone you know is suffering with a condition, some form of negative behaviour, or perhaps a fear or phobia which is impacting on everyday life, don’t waste money – do something different ..after all, hypnotherapy could be the answer you have been searching for …for years!

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