Hypnosis for weight loss... does it really work?

Hypnosis for weight lossPeople ask me all the time if this really works. I usually say something like “Of course it does …this is why I do what I do!” Then they ask me if I’ve had it myself and I say something like “Yes I have, and I eat what I want, when I want and I my weight stays the same”. A lot of my clients are often surprised when they learn I had a weight problem myself.

In the past, my weight used to go up and down all the time. I’d be on a diet, off a diet, on a new diet …and so on. I ate unhealthily as I didn’t really know what I ‘should’ eat, I ate the wrong foods for my body and I didn’t really like the way my body looked most of the time …all because other people were telling me what to do and what I could and couldn’t eat.

Hypnotherapy has taught me to respond to ‘my’ body’s needs. So now, I no longer entertain the idea of dieting at all. I simply tune in and listen to what my body is telling me. I eat much less than I use to, I leave food if I’ve had enough and I also eat different types of food now.

Being an overweight vegetarian, for years my staple diet was pasta, rice and potato based (starch based); a way of eating I adopted following a diet which told you it was ok to ‘fill up’ on these foods. I also ate a lot of bread, with sandwiches and crisps being my favoured choice for lunch most days – this was a habit stemming from my childhood and school days. However, it wasn’t until I began to listen to my body that I realised these were the very foods that were keeping me fat!

Using hypnosis to control your weight is empowering because it puts ‘you’ in control of your eating habits. You realise you no longer need to be told what to eat and when – as you just know! You naturally find yourself selecting healthier more nutritious foods and enjoying the taste of new and different foods. Of course, it’s always good to seek guidance when it comes to healthy eating and I’m no expert, so I’m always looking out for inspiration when it comes to healthy eating; I often search online and check out new books for ideas.

If food and dieting has become an unhealthy obsession, this could be the way forward for you. If you want to enjoy the food you eat and eat when you want to, then you can by using hypnotherapy.

You will find you eat less, the weight comes off steadily, and it will stabilise after you have shed the weight, making it easy to maintain. By making subtle changes to the way you eat and behave around food, you can have the shape and size you want, and stay there.

…And it’s a wonderful feeling to be in control!


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