Smoking just 1 hour?

“So can you really stop smoking in just 1 hour?” “…Even if you’ve smoked 40 a day for the past 20 years?” These are questions I’m asked frequently by smokers – and the answer is of course “YES! You can!”.

I know this from my own personal experience, having had hypnosis to quit smoking myself – 10 years ago! I had just 1 session of hypnotherapy to stop smoking and I have never even entertained the idea of smoking since. Hypnosis makes stopping ‘easy’. All the associations and triggers you once had are removed, so you no longer think about smoking in the same way again.

At the time I stopped, I was worried it would affect my social life. It was a time in my life when I was often going out to pubs and clubs with my friends. Most of my friends smoked and everything generally revolved around smoking and drinking .…it all went together. Also driving in my car, going out for meals and even my working day would be broken up into ‘fag breaks’.

But now, I’m happy to say none of that was affected negatively. I was still able to go out and enjoy myself. I was happy to have a drink without a cigarette – in fact it even tasted better. Everything tasted better in fact. My head was altogether clearer as I wasn’t constantly thinking about when I was going to have my next cigarette. I wasn’t bothered about the things I thought I was going to miss out on as I had no inclination to smoke at all. In fact, I was happier and more proud each time I turned down the offer of a cigarette!

I always ask people when they come to see me to stop smoking if they are genuinely ready to stop. This is an important question as by using hypnosis to quit, you will stop as soon as the session is over. That’s because (as with most hypnotherapy treatments) there is a certain amount of commitment and determination required, which will ultimately enhance your success. So if you are ready, then go for it …because you can become a non-smoker in just an hour.

I can thoroughly recommend this treatment as the easiest way to quit smoking, and many of the people I have treated over the years I’m sure will agree! So, to find out more please visit the smoking page of my website, or simply book your session now by using the ‘Book Here’ button, or call me on 07940 930961.


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