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Throughout my adult years, I struggled with mild anxiety, connected with being away from home. It was just something that I tried to manage on my own and would often cancel plans or avoid situations which were likely to bring on an attack. Then suddenly I had a really bad few weeks, things began to spiral out of control. I decided I needed help as it had begun to take over my life and everyday things became an ordeal. I had a big trip coming up which I was worried about and knew I wouldn’t be able to face it without help.

A friend recommended Angel Gold Hypnotherapy so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! I was very nervous to begin with but Angel made me feel comfortable and calm. I had a few sessions with Angel and by the time my trip came, I was feeling calm and even excited about it! My anxiety has greatly reduced and I feel like I’ve got my life back again. I’m now able to do things I wouldn’t have before, and in general I feel much happier and calmer. I feel like I can face anything that comes my way! I can’t thank Angel enough!

Claire (anxiety) * results may vary from person to person

Hi Angel, I just wanted to let you know, both flights were incredibly easy and I coped really well. I didn’t feel worried about flying home alone and managed it without panicking…

….I feel very proud of myself. I cannot thank you enough for your help and support last week, it really did make a huge difference. *

Jo (fear of flying) * results may vary from person to person

I went to see Angel in March 2017 after suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and lack of sleep for many years and trying many different solutions, including counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and medication.  I began to notice a difference in the level of anxiety I was feeling after the first session.  The hypnosis enabled me to tackle the cause of my anxiety and ‘recondition’ myself to react differently to events that would previously have triggered anxious feelings and panic attacks.  After a course of just four sessions I felt like a different person.  I am sleeping well, no longer have panic attacks and feel calm and can enjoy life .  I have reduced my anxiety medication to a tiny dose and feel confident that soon I will drop it altogether.  I have gained confidence and have asked to take on more responsibility at work, something I just refused to think about until now.  I feel like, at last, I’ve become the person I was always meant to be. *

Rowan (anxiety) * results may vary from person to person

Angel is a fantastic therapist who I highly recommend for hypnotherapy. It has really helped guide me and change my way of thinking – or not thinking around food and the issues I struggled with are pretty much no longer an issue. I could confide in her and really feel her genuine love and care for others. Thank you Angel. *

Georgina (binge eating) * results may vary from person to person

I would just like to say how impressed I am with the results from hypnotherapy.
My daughter had been making herself sick once or twice a day for around 2 years – gradually getting worse. This was affecting both her and the family and we had reached a stage of not knowing where to turn.
By pure chance I came across Angel and when reading further she had a practice at the end of our road.
Faye went along to the first appointment but was not very optimistic.
I can honestly say we noticed a difference straight away.
After 4 visits Faye is now no longer being sick and looks so much better in herself and is also much better in her personality.
Totally amazing and would recommend anyone to try this – it has made a massive difference to all of us. *

Sally (eating disorder) * results may vary from person to person

In all honestly I was a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy, but after trying prescription medication for air/motion sickness, with no avail, I decided that it had to be worth a go, as I had a long haul flight half-way around the world. I attended the recommended amount of sessions, then I waited in anticipation for my flight, still a little sceptical… I was 100 percent fine!

On every previous flight in the last few years, I’d been physically very poorly so it was a massive relief that on my long flight to Bali I was fine all the way there and back.

I would recommend anyone who is considering hypnotherapy as it was completely worth every penny for me! *

Dave (air sickness) * results may vary from person to person

I just wanted to let you know that I have faced my phobia of cats. Thanks to your hypnotherapy sessions I can be around cats – and even stroked one!

I really enjoyed the sessions – they were relaxing and you put me at ease and I left feeling relaxed and calm. The results were beyond my expectations and have already made a difference to my life. *

S Harding (cat phobia) * results may vary from person to person

Hi Angel, just to give you an update. I came to see you in January with regard to my 40 a day habit.

You will be pleased to know that I have been smoke free for 6 months and feel much better for it. I have had no cravings to smoke since my consultation and it does not even bother me when I am in the company of people smoking.

I believe it is the best £200 I have ever spent. *

Steve (smoking cessation) * results may vary from person to person

After receiving hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks I feel so much calmer, more relaxed and back in control of my feelings and all after a very short time! Your calm friendly manner put me at ease immediately. I finally have my life and confidence back again. I’m so glad I found you. Thank you *

Heather (anxiety & panic attacks) * results may vary from person to person

I would like to thank you for the hypnotherapy session – it can definitely help you. It’s perfect for dealing with issues like mine. I really struggle to relax and Angel got to the root cause of the issue. She can ultimately get rid of the problem with hypnosis so you can relax and go forward. I feel so at ease now.*

Alan (fear of swimming) * results may vary from person to person
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