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Hello, I'm Angel Gold - I am a Warwickshire based hypnotherapist helping people to quit smoking, lose weight, rid themselves of their fears, and everything in between!.

Find success with hypnosis

Success with hypnosisAs a hypnotherapist, I’m frequently amazed by the amount of people I see who have suffered with a condition or negative behaviour for years, telling me that I am their ‘last resort’ and they have ‘tried everything else’. It seems many people will exhaust all other avenues of help before they even consider hypnosis as [...]

Turn exam nerves into success!

Exam StressWith mock exam season fast approaching, many students can feel anxious and overwhelmed by the pressure. Unfortunately stress is a part of everyday life for students; caused by ever growing workloads, tight deadlines and revising for tests and examinations ...but it doesn't have to be that way. Did you know that by using hypnotherapy you [...]

What are you afraid of?

What are you afraad of?Whether you are scared of insects, heights or the dentist, phobias are extremely common. People often say to me “you are my last resort” or “I’ll try anything”, particularly when a phobia prevents a person from living their life normally. A phobia is an irrational fear ...quite literally a fear without good reason ...or a [...]

What do we eat to lose weight?

What do we eat to lose weightI think being vegetarian, people always assume you eat a healthy diet and are generally slim. However, my own experience is far from this theory. I struggled with food and eating from quite a young age. I was always a fussy eater, although I was a slim child - right through into my early twenties. [...]

Smoking just 1 hour?

“So can you really stop smoking in just 1 hour?” “…Even if you’ve smoked 40 a day for the past 20 years?” These are questions I’m asked frequently by smokers - and the answer is of course “YES! You can!”. I know this from my own personal experience, having had hypnosis to quit smoking myself [...]

Gastric Band Hypnosis

People often think this is an easy solution to weight loss. The truth is, ‘yes’ hypnosis does make it easier to lose excess weight, and ‘no’ you don’t need to diet; but it still requires some determination from the participant. The hypnotic gastric band is not a ‘magic wand’ solution to losing weight. But, if [...]

Hypnosis for weight loss... does it really work?

Hypnosis for weight lossPeople ask me all the time if this really works. I usually say something like “Of course it does …this is why I do what I do!” Then they ask me if I’ve had it myself and I say something like “Yes I have, and I eat what I want, when I want and I [...]

Stop smoking easily with hypnosis

It’s ‘easy’ to stop smoking with hypnosis. If you can honestly say you are ready and really want to stop smoking, then hypnosis can make it effortless. Using the power of hypnosis and your own determination you can actually quit in just one session! Most people addicted to the habit of smoking would like to [...]

End 'Yo You Dieting' Forever

How many times have you started a diet only to be disappointed by the results and found yourself either giving up shortly afterwards, or coming off the rails after the diet ends? Consequently the weight can pile back on - usually more than you started with; so you move on to the next diet and [...]